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一個簽名,救動物遠離地獄!(English inside)

在香港,有無數小動物被私人繁殖者摧殘折磨,活在不見天日的地獄!多年來,我們催逼政府盡快為139B修例,圖禁止寵物私人繁殖繼續遺害動物,遺害社會。 但還有兩星期,漁護署竟然倒行逆施,完全漠視動物的福利及公共的衛生下,只求向私人繁殖者獻媚,討好商家,強行借139B修例,向私人寵物繁殖發牌!縱容 不法份子將動物推向地獄!我們希望你在最後關頭都肯走出來,為救動物一命,也救香港,不要讓這個「家」淪為烏煙瘴氣的寵物繁殖港!!我們要求局方只發出單一的專業牌照,高門檻,並設牌照上限!立即進入,sign the petition!!!!! 我們要3000 個簽名!!你還在等??!!

Everyday in Hong Kong, numerous small pet animals are being ill-treated and tortured by breeders, they live their whole short life in living hell, without proper food, medical care, interaction, caged for the whole life time, many have never seen day light. They are being forced to become breeding machines until they can no longer generate profit, many will be simply tossed to the country parks or on the roads, some will even call up AFCD to take them to be destroyed (Free of charge).
For many years, animal lovers and activists have been pushing for animal protection reforms (Bill 139), with the hope that private animal breeding be stopped, and end animal sufferings.
In just two weeks, AFCD intends to push through the B139 amendment, ignoring the public's concern on animal welfare and public hygiene, but to issue breeder licenses to private breeders. We are being pushed to the limit, suffering animals will never see an end to this.
NOW is the time for you to step up to help save the voiceless animals, and to save Hong Kong our home, from becoming the unethical city of illegal breeding.
We are demanding that AFCD to issue one single professional breeding license which stipulates international standards of breeding facilities as well as enforcement of a feasible set of regulations on facility and care of the animals. It is also important that a limited number of such licenses be issued to qualified facilities.
Please click this link NOW and sign the petition. We will need at least 3,000 supporters. For the voiceless, we speak



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